Kinosayo Elementary School is located in the Woodlands area of St. Albert. We are the proud home to approximately 340 students from Kindergarten to Grade 6. We offer regular and special education programming along with many extracurricular programs. We are the school of choice for Inglewood: The Summit, Oakmont, Regency Heights and Woodlands.

The staff at Kinosayo say the following about their school:

  • "Kinosayo is a warm, welcoming place that embraces children's learning and creativity."
  • "Our school is a genuinely positive place where your child can grow and have a well rounded school experience!"

Parents of Kinosayo School say the following about their school:

  • "Kinosayo has created a wonderful balance between learning, fun, creativity and personal development...isn't that what life should be about."
  • "Kinosayo provides a safe nurturing environment for my child to learn. The students are encouraged to embrace each others differences and celebrate their uniqueness. As a parent of a child with extra challenges, I am impressed that my opinions are valued and often sought out. Every resource possible has been made available to my child to encourage success toward personal and academic growth. I would not hesitate to recommend this school to anyone seeking a well rounded, enthusiastic educational experience for their child."


In partnership with family and community, we will empower our students to become well-rounded and compassionate global citizens.


At Kinosayo, we believe that:

  • Every child needs to fee they belong
  • Each student is an individual with different interests, experiences, and learning styles
  • Children are naturally curious and eager to learn
  • School should be engaging and instill a love of learning
  • Parents are their children's first and most important teachers, and are integral to student learning.

Kinosayo's Inquiry Pillars

  • Supporting student agency
  • Active learning
  • Illuminating thinking
  • Being intentional.